Joe Davids

The Boss

Darryl Peterson

Media Creator

Darryl has worked at several congresses throughout the world including LIKE Lisbon, Mambo City 5 Star Congress, Motion City, LIKE London, Tropical Summer Festival, ABCD London, DUKE, LIKE Frankfurt, LatinMotion NYE and Mambo Con Son as well as working on monthly events, festivals and weeknights providing web services (web sites/ticketing), quality video and photographic output before, during and after the events. Darryl continuously strives to improve the quality of the his output using new techniques and latest innovations.

Iman Anwar

Associate Teacher

From a young age Iman took an interest in Latin Dance. He started his journey in dance at the age of 15 attending a local Salsa Academy, learning Salsa Crossbody. He trained for several years until he was 18 but unfortunately stopped because of University. After completing his degree in Design and Advertising, he got back into dance at the age of 22. This time he took a particular interest in Cuban Salsa and Bachata. For the past 4 years he learnt under many of the pioneers of the dance scene, for example, with the likes of Peynao er Bachatero. For the past 2 years he’s been under the tutelage of Fadi K learning the skills behind teaching and being apart of Fadi K’s award winning Salsa Team, Rueda Del Mundo. Iman is the current Bachata Spice UK Champion wining the title in November 2021/22. Since winning he started teaching across many events across London as well as having a residency night with The Latin Collective, every Monday night at Bar Salsa Temple. He teamed up with Camy Marina to create an unstoppable partnership. Together they have already taught at International Congresses and across the UK

Camelia Istoc

Associate Teacher

Having grown up in Romania, Camy began her dancing journery, where she fell in love with both Salsa and Bachata. After moving to continue this journery in the UK, it wasn't long until Camy began teaching and performing. With a total of 6 years dancing and teaching experience Camy had become a regular for numerous events across the UK and abroad, including some of the UK's biggest congresses. With this, she has collaborated with several renowned artists to establish her own workshops and courses, focusing on connetion, technique and incorporating her own style throughout. With Camy's pasion for Latin dances, she has developed her own style which has led her to inspire many others across the UK to attend not just her partner work classes but also her solo classes, with her being recognised as a solo artist as well. Her style combined with her passion has always led to her classes and shows being a memorable experience for all. She currently has a residency night with The Latin Collective, every Monday night at Bar Salsa Temple. She teaches with her official dance partner Iman Anwar.

Sam Hounsell


Sam has been dancing Salsa since 2004, and teaching for the Latin Collective since 2008. Equally skilled as both a leader and follower, Sam utilises his experience in both roles to provide detailed feedback to his students, helping them create a genuine lead & follow connection that they can apply on the dancefloor. Sam has also performed at major international salsa events across Europe with both the Diablo Dance Company and Oro Negro, and placed 2nd in the European Latin Open Semi-Pro division.

Olga Ribaka


Raya Nenova


Pal Chohan